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Fairy Tail Ending

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The sixth fableous book in Suzanne Selfors' Ever After High: A School Story series.

Meeshell is not an ordinary mermaid princess; she knows that someday, when she is older, she will leave her sea kingdom and live happily ever after on land with her prince. The thought of living on land is thrilling but also nerve-racking. Meeshell is glad she has years to prepare! But there is a change in the tides, and now Meeshell will start attending Ever After High. She has almost no time to do all of her preparing and planning. Can Meeshell fit in at Ever After High, or will she stand out like a fish out of water?

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About the Author

Best-selling author, Suzanne Selfors, feels like a royal on some days and a rebel on others. She's written many books for kids, including the Smells Like Dog series and The Imaginary Veterinary series.

She has two charming children and lives on a magical island kingdom where she hopes it is her destiny to write stories forever after.

Transient Airflow In Building Drainage Systems

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Giving you the first comprehensive presentation of the ground breaking research undertaken at Heriot Watt University, with Research Council and industrial funding, this book brings a new perspective to the design of building drainage and vent systems. It provides the building services community with clear and verifiable design methods that will be robust enough to meet challenges such as climate change and water conservation; population migration to the mega cities of the developing world, and the consequent pressures of user concentration; the rise of the prestige building and the introduction of new appliances and control strategies. These all combine to make traditional codified design guidance insufficient. Many assumptions in existing codes defining the entrained airflows within building drainage vent systems cannot be theoretically supported, so designers concerned with these systems need analysis and simulation capabilities which are at least as reliable as those enjoyed by other building services practitioners.

The Method of Characteristics solution techniques which are well established in the pressure surge field are now used to provide solutions for drainage designers. The material is applied to a whole range of abstract scenarios then to a series of real world applications including the forensic modelling of the SARS virus spread within Amoy Gardens in 2003 and the refurbishment of the O2 Dome. Applications to specialised services, including underground station drainage and highly infectious disease treatment facilities are discussed and demonstrated, alongside the use of design and simulation techniques in support of product development.

Aimed at both professional and academic users, this book serves both as a design aid and as a core text for specialist masters courses in public health and building services engineering.

The Hairy Tails Of A Cat Sitter

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When Kat fulfils her dream of running a cat sitting business little did she know that using a dead squirrel to entice a flea-ridden cat indoors; being dive-bombed by a demonic budgie and stumbling across one client's shocking boudoir secrets would form part and parcel of her daily duties.

The Opening Chapter features Nanda, a huge Norwegian Forest cat whose party piece consists of impersonating a heavy fur stole on a sizzling summer's day. Unexpected water-related behaviour, a muddy bottom and embarrassing sweat patches are all consequences of Kat and Nanda's first expedition.

Chapter 2 takes Kat into the home of ageing musician Griff and his family of five rock-star named felines who live in glorious harmony; not a word that can be used to describe his tribute band 'Grunts 'n Posers'. Whilst Griff is on the road, Kat enjoys a wonderful summer with the cats and their amazing collection of wooden erections, though a broken egg spells disaster...

Fur, feathers and hairless tails all feature in Chapter 3 which focuses on unusual cat companions. There's ferocious cat Fortune and her surrogate kitten, a rat called Herbert; a large, loved-up hound called Marx and the object of his devotion, Groucho, a grumpy Persian cat. A budgie called Crazy, takes hostility to new heights and chickens also prove problematical as Kat tries to coax them into their coup, watched with bemusement by brothers Biscuit and Barrel.

Chapter 4 sees Kat putting a dead squirrel to good use in an effort to persuade a menacing moggie to come indoors. If only she'd thought about the fleas first.

In Chapter 5 Kat visits Squidge, a cat besotted with lava lamps and who, manages to charm the local constabulary. Elliott, Kat's husband creates an alarm disaster; and then there's the dreaded 'Pants Flat'...

Kat gets a shock in Chapter 6 as a Snake called Sydney, dark lipstick and thigh-length PVC boots all point to one thing in the home of Gordon and Camilla.

Chapter 7 features nosey neighbours. There's Darren, the obsessively tidy teenager; meddling Marjorie who has marriage in mind for Kat and her cake-loving son Bernard; Petronella who takes her duties as an army reservist almost as seriously as she does her platoon of pussy-cats, and Kitty and Meg, a lovely pair of tipsy twins with a surprising past.

In Chapter 8 Kat puts 'operation poo eradication' into place as she deals with Twiggy's 'nervous tummy.

Veterinary visits are occupational hazards for Kat who, in Chapter 9 is humiliated by the embarrassingly named Catywampus and tormented by worry over accident prone Smarty's latest misadventure. What she hadn't bargained for was being the centre of her very own car crash catastrophe.

Chapter 10 illustrates the lengths to which Kat has to go to cater for her more finicky felines. As well as discovering luxury foods that would delight the most discerning food critic, Kat delves into the world of raw food recipes and hand-feeding.

The Final Chapter, Drooly Madly Deeply, describes the precious moments Kat shares with her geriatric cat clients: Polly who spends her time holding court on the sofa; Boo with his intense stare and list of set requirements for Kat's visits, and Kitzie who's relationship with Kat for the first three and a half years was based on mutual ignoring...until one day it all changed.

Some elements of the book have foundations of truth (based on my own experiences as a cat-sitter) which have been elaborated and embellished and others are completely fictional.

Water-resources Engineering

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Water-Resources Engineering provides comprehensive coverage of hydraulics, hydrology, and water-resources planning and management. Presented from first principles, the material is rigorous, relevant to the practice of water resources engineering, and reinforced by detailed presentations of design applications. Prior knowledge of fluid mechanics and calculus (up to differential equations) is assumed.

The Ogre (a Grey Fairy Tale)

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Disgusted and furious with the poor creature, he seized a thick stick and began to beat it so hard that he nearly broke every bone in its body. The miserable donkey was so distracted at such treatment that, far from pouring out precious stones, it only tore and dirtied all the fine linen. When poor Masella saw her table-cloths and sheets being destroyed, and that instead of becoming rich she had only been made a fool of, she seized another stick and belaboured Antonio so unmercifully with it, that he fled before her, and never stopped till he reached the ogre's cave.


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