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Water Sustainability

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Using the latest mapping techniques, J.A.A. Jones, Chair of the IGU Commission for Water Sustainability, examines water availability, the impact of climate change and the problems created for water management worldwide as well as possible solutions. Water Sustainability: A Global Perspective is one of the first textbook to meld the physical and human aspects affecting the world's water resources. Part One outlines the challenges and investigates the human factors: population growth; urbanization and pollution; the commercialization of water, including globalization and privatization; and the impacts of war, terrorism and the credit crunch. Part Two examines the physical aspects: the restless water cycle, the impact of past and future climate change and the problems change and unreliability create for water management. Part Three discusses current and future solutions including improved efficiency and water treatment systems, desalination, weather modification and rainwater harvesting, and improved legal and administrative frameworks. Jones concludes by asking how far technical and financial innovations can overcome the limitations of climatic resources and examining the human and environmental costs involved in such developments. This book is the ideal text for any student of water sustainability whether approaching the subject from the point of view of international relations, geography or environmental management.

Sustainable Surface Water Management - A Handbook For Suds

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Water management is a key environmental issue for controlling floods and reducing droughts; sustainable drainage systems provide a clear alternative to traditional hard infrastructure.

The built environment has become more susceptible to flooding because urbanisation has meant that landscapes that were once porous and allowed surface water to infiltrate, have been stripped of vegetation and soil and have been covered with impermeable roads, pavements and buildings.

Sustainable Surface Water Management: A Handbook for SuDS emphasises the SuDS philosophy and explains the sustainable surface water management agenda with a wealth of insights brought together through the experts who have contributed chapters. By integrating physical and environmental sciences, and combining social, economic and political considerations, the book provides a unique resource for a wide range of policy specialists, scientists, engineers and subject enthusiasts.

It brings together experts across the whole field of SuDS from the social to the hard physical sciences in order to both highlight the breadth of the subject itself, but also to show the flexibility and multiple benefits that such an approach can bring to the management of surface water. By integrating the physical and environmental sciences, and combining social, economic and political considerations, a unique resource has been produced.

This approach addresses issues as diverse as flooding, water quality, amenity and biodiversity, together with the mitigation of, and adaptation to, global climate change, human health benefits and reduction in energy use. In straightened economic times, efficiency and efficacy of approaches are paramount; value for money, payback and whole life costing underlie all undertakings, and SuDS is no exception.

Many of the chapters have a UK focus, but globally the UK (and particularly England and Wales) lag behind such countries as the USA and New Zealand. Hence, chapters are included to cover issues from around the world, alongside particular designs associated with the implementation of SuDS in tropical areas, problems with retrofitting SuDS devices, SuDS modelling, water harvesting in drought-stricken countries using SuDS and the inclusion of SuDS in the climate change strategies of many large cities. Such issues and technologies are far-reaching and, as such, can easily be extended to other European and global nations.

Susanne M. Charlesworth is Professor of Urban Physical Geography at Coventry University in the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience.

Colin A. Booth is Associate Head of Research and Scholarship for the School of Architecture and the Built Environment and is Deputy Director of the Centre for Floods, Communities and Resilience at the University of the West of England, Bristol.

Water And Cereals In Drylands

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This topic is central to contemporary concerns for more sustainable agricultural development. This is a well-written and clear book, with excellent data, tables and illustrations, addressing issues of water use, climate change, poverty and small farmers. The authors are highly respected and complement each other's acknowledged international expertise.' Professor Jules Pretty, University of Essex, UK 'This useful guide shows that there is great potential for increasing the productive capacity of smallholder farms in the drylands via a range of water management techniques, from the simple to the more complex. Providing a theoretical grounding and a practical guide, Water and cereals in the drylands will appeal to workers on-location as well as students, researchers and policymakers.' New Agriculturalist Cereals are by far the most important source of food throughout the world, either directly for human consumption or indirectly in the form of animal feed for livestock products consumed as food. With world population set to rise to nine billion by 2050, there is an urgent need to examine ways to increase cereal production. Indeed recently the future of cereal production and consumption has been complicated by rising energy prices and the economics of biofuels, which are competing for the use of cereals. One way to increase cereal production is by the more effective use of marginal dryland areas. This book reviews the potential for increased cereal production in drylands across the world, from the USA, Australia and Southern Europe to Asia and Africa. It describes how improved water conservation, water harvesting and investment options can contribute to this, and suggests policies for the more efficient use of existing natural resources in order to lessen the dependence of agriculture on further irrigation development.

A Walk In My Garden- Harvesting Life's Lessons

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As you walk along from day to day in your own individual and unique garden, you realize that the garden is full of life. The secret is not to only harvest just the physical fruits, but to glean, reap and harvest the lessons that come from each new challenge in our path. Remember that this is YOUR garden and you can choose to plant whatever it is you want to see flourish in your garden of your life. With the intention that one day you also will inspire someone else to plant a seed that will grow into something beautiful also. Take every experience you encounter, either good or bad and turn it over, work with it until you obtain your own life lesson from that experience and then...pass it along. spreading the peace and lessons abroad to all willing people that feel they don't have what it takes to make it. Encourage yourself first, and then go forward and encourage others they can make a real difference, just one seed at a time.

Water Well Rehabilitation

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Well rehabilitation techniques have been the focus of major advancements in recent times. Environmental engineers can keep pace with those changes with the book Water Well Rehabilitation.
Written from a microbiological viewpoint, the text outlines proven solutions to production problems in all types of wells.
That perspective frequently yields new ideas and concepts, contrary to prevalent thoughts in mainstream literature on the subject. This is especially true in discussion of iron related bacterial sources, and details concerning unsafe bacterial samples and the contamination of wells.


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